how do i convert my 8mm hi8 camcorder tapes to digital

Sony created one the most successful camcorder brands in history. Sony Handycam could be seen in the hands of many families capturing home videos, vacations, concerts etc. The sony 8mm analog and later digital tapes all look the same, having the same size and shaped cartridge and 8mm film strips but coming in 3 different generations of 8mm, Digital8 and Hi8. Each of these of had their own type of camera technology and were not necessarily interchangeable.

The latest Hi8/Digital8 camcorders were backward compatible and could playback all 3 types. This made them the best candidate for video transfer because with one camera you would be able play any type of 8mm looking tape.

When it comes to downloading and capturing of these films to VHS or DVD there is 2 ways of doing so.

  1. using the RCA output of the camera and feed it to a Digital to Analog converter that would communicate with your computer
  2. using a firewire connection to capture the film at lossless quality

Option #1 which is using an RCA cable is an inferior way as it converts the analog to digital. this is ok if the tape is a regular 8mm analog tape but if transferring a Digital8 tape using this method you are degrading the quality.

Option #2 which uses a firewire to make the transfer is the most superior method as it basically transfers a digital signal to a digital signal with no loss. Of course this only would work if the tape is a Digital8. however due to the high bandwidth of Firewire its still the preferred way of capturing 8mm, Hi8 and Digital8.

At Az Audio Visual Services we capture all our 8mm, Hi8 and Super8 films using firewire technology.

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