How to turn slides in to digital photos

We do receive many email and online inquiries about how to digitize 35mm slides to a digital file format and so we decided to do a blog post about it.

There are basically a few methods to do this job properly.

Method 1 – using a flat bed scanner

Some Epson flat bed scanners have an attachment that can hold up to 12 slides at a time. once placed on the scanner, the scanner will scan the entire sheet and using software crop and create individual files for each of the slides.

Pros: you can scan more than 1 file at a time

Cons: difficult to find these types of scanner in the market, it takes a long time to go through a large number of slides, you have to carefully position the slides into the holders, remove them, each 12 slides will take you at least 5 to 7 minutes to scan.

Method 2 – using a handheld slide scanner

handheld scanners are now available at stores like Walmart or London drugs. these scanners have a tray that holds 3 to 4 slides and have a small LCD screen to let you view the slide. the cost of these scanner is about $100 to $140. Basically you will have to manually slide the tray and align each slide so you can view it under the view finder. Then you have to wait until the automatic exposure control kicks and provides enough light to shine through slide, once you find the right light level, you press a button which captures the pictures into a digital files that is saved into an SD card. you do however need to wait until you get the correct exposure to scan the right quality image, otherwise your photos will be either too bright or too dark. each slide will take about 40 to 45 seconds to scan.

Pros: fairly inexpensive devices that can scan slides and 35mm negatives

Cons: takes a long time for a large number of slides, you can not get a consistent exposure on the slides, you have to wait a few seconds until you get the right exposure which adds up in time. time to scan 4 slides: 2-3 minutes including to take out the slide and put them in the tray

Method 3 – using a professional high definition scanner system with auto feed 

Here at Az Audio Visual services we use a state of the art automatic feeder based slide scanners that can scan up to 5000 dpi resolution images with automatic scratch removal and infrared cleaning system. We let the automated scanner scan up to 50 slides at a time, ensuring each slides get a consistent and proper amount of exposure each and every single time. In addition, each slide goes through a manual process of colour correction, cropping and orientation adjustment before we offer it to our customer. If time is valuable to you and don’t have the time or patience to sit in front of scanner for hours to scan your slides, Az Audio Visual Services can help you avoid all these head aches. We are based out of the city of Edmonton and all your slides are processed in our Edmonton facility without being sent away.

We offer free pickup and delivery for orders over $100 or free shipping if you are outside the city.

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