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how do i convert my 8mm hi8 camcorder tapes to digital

Sony created one the most successful camcorder brands in history. Sony Handycam could be seen in the hands of many families capturing home videos, vacations, concerts etc. The sony 8mm analog and later digital tapes all look the same, having the same

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How to convert super8 or 8mm to dvd or digital

super8 mm and regular 8mm reel to reels are an optical storage technology developed starting in the 1920s that captured every frame of motion picture as a negative on an 8mm film. super8 being the newer of the two had a

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How to turn slides in to digital photos

We do receive many email and online inquiries about how to digitize 35mm slides to a digital file format and so we decided to do a blog post about it. There are basically a few methods to do this job

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1000 Years Preservation

Yes that is right, preserve your videos now for over 1000 years. With our new MODISC technology we can now produce DVDs that are etched with laser rather than burned. Equivalent to etching in stone. The good thing about it,

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We Now Offer Gift Cards

We now offer our clients the option of purchasing gift cards for their friends, family and colleagues. Free mailing included. Gift Cards come in $100 or $250 denominations. For more info visit our section Gift Cards.

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Convert Tapes & Films

We are a turnkey media digitization company that can convert, transfer and digitize your home video & audio. We can convert 8mm film, super8, 8mm tape, Hi8, miniDV, VHS, Vinyl, audio tapes and your slides to DVD or other digital

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Capture Your Vacation Memories

Capture your vacation and home videos in a crisp DVD format and enjoy them year after year using our special archival grade DVDs. We provide  your videos in a DVD format as well as a digital format. Most modern TVs

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