Yellowknife Video Conversion

Old movies fade. It’s a fact of life. Your old home movies are in danger. Whether they are VHS tapes, 8mm films, Camcorder tapes like 8mm, Hi8, MiniDV they are very likely fading or in danger from humidity, dirt, children, extreme cold, extreme heat and animals.

Very often our customers contact us because as they were going through their parents possessions they “found some reels.” In some cases a grand parent is trying to “remember the old days.” We are one of the few companies capable of converting over 1000 reels a month with the highest quality.

Time to transfer them to DVDs or Digital copies that you can keep for many years to come.

We provide Free shipping both ways for clients out of town with orders over $100. Yellowknife.

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Here is a testimonial about our services

I own a multimedia company in Canada’s subarctic where only limited services are available.  I had some very old tapes and film reels of video that I needed processed.  I did an internet search and found in the Edmonton area that I would be travelling to.  Much to my surprise, AZ’s excellent customer service offered to take care of the shipping and even offered to pick up the videos from my hotel.  I was pleased with the fast turn-around time and quality of the product I received.  I gave them a mess of varieties of video formats and it was all returned to me, with each CD labelled in the most logical way possible and contained in a nice CD case.  That was an extra touch that I did not expect.  I was so happy with the service I bragged to my best friend about it and she was going to Edmonton herself and brought all of her old videos with her.  At the last minute, she called AZ to see if they could process her videos before she left town.  Well, my best friend got the same excellent service and got her memories back overnight.  We were both grateful for the service and I would not hesitate to recommend based on my experience with them.

Heidi Selzler, President





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