Our business is video and audio transfer and digitization and we are good at it. We can transfer anything that is in video, audio, photo or negatives. The problem with magentic media such as VHS tapes and Camcorder tapes is that over time, due to heat, humidity, magentic fields, the stored date on them deteriorate. So, in order to preserve them longer its a very good idea to transfer them to more of permanent media like DVDs, Digital Files, Hard Drive, Blue ray discs and even Magentic Optical dics which according to manufacturers last 1000 years as they are scratch resistant.

A list of our services that we offer is included below, we recommend that you submit a quotation request to get a get a custom quote. Are prices are the most reasonable and most affordable in town.

  • Video Cassette to DVD Conversion (VHS, 8mm, Hi8, Mini-DV Digital Camcorder)
  • MiniDVD recovery
  • Tape repair
  • PAL to NTSC conversions – for international video formats that are not compatible with North America
  • All video is produced with standard edit and clean up for your videos as well as DVD label printing
  • Digital High Definition video to DVD conversion (SD) – from digital camcorders that record in HD.
  • Creation of Photo DVDs with custom slideshows and background music.
  • Reel to Reel super8 or Regular 8mm to DVD or digital conversion.
  • Slide and Photo scanning service
  • DVD and CD duplication service
  • Free CD/DVD artwork and DVD sleeves included with every purchase.

Please fill out an RFQ (request for quote) form to get a quotation.

Please note: allow for upto 1 week for the processing of your videos. At time of ordering an estimate will be given to you for a timeline.