Super8/8 mm Film Reel Transfer (HD Quality)

HD Quality Silent 8mm and Super8 film Transfer
HD Quality Silent 8mm and Super8 film Transfer

8mm/Super8 Pricing Information?

Let’s cut to the chase. How much will the transfer cost you? This rate includes the rate of cleaning, scanning at high definition (archival grade) format. Editing and rendering them to a DVD plus receiving a free digital and editable copy so you can edit or archive. contact us for a quote.

We use the same high definition technology (frame by frame) used by film restoration studios in Hollywood to bring back the reels from as far back as 1950s to real life. All in high def. All of your film is processed in our Edmonton facility and is NOT mailed anywhere for processing. See below for more information.

What is our process?

Once we receive your film, we visually inspect it for any damage , dust or mold. We clean the film, splice it if necessary and prepare it for our transfer process. This transfer process

Equipment Calibration

For every transfer we prepare our equipment by calibrating it to make sure exposure is correct as well as to ensure all of your film is transferred by making sure each frame of the film is captured in our scanning process. This is done during calibration.

Benefit of Frame By Frame & Enlarged Gate

We use a professional grade frame by frame scanner to transfer you films. During this process, each and every frame of your film is passed through an enlarged gate that captures the entire frame of the film. In the amateur method of video transfer which involves projecting the projector light into a camera, because of the small gate of these usually 50 year old equipment, you would lose as much as 19{303fa3d0d8d94391330902c57d79aa47a10018a195c0188eb21bf551c14f567e} of your frame. This ensures that we bring to life all the image not just a portion of it.


Why Go High Definition

Its estimated that a super8 film which is far greater in quality than 8mm is around 800 lines. With a Standard definition camera which are used by lesser quality method of transfer is around 480 lines. Therefore, you are already losing more than half of the quality. By ensuring that your film is captured at 1080p, we ensure that we capture your film at the highest resolution possible. In fact you can watch the video on large screen and you would be amazed at the details you see. The other noticeable feature of frame by frame transfer is the colour. Standard definition cameras use a special algorithm that would at the end leave noticeable artefacts to your film and the color. here is the difference in quality that you can see in this video:

Frame By Frame Color Richness Vs SD Telecine Process from Az Audio on Vimeo.

In the end we capture your videos at slightly higher resolution than the original to ensure you have footage that could last a millennia (see our post on magnetic optical discs)

Frame By Frame Pricing

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We can convert these video tapes to DVD and Digital Files or both. Our Digital file formats are MPEG (for Windows) or AVI format (for MAC).