Video Transcription & Subtitling

Do your videos need to have subtitles? Do you require video transcription service? Get your video translated to multiple languages, french, italian and spanish.

Our multi-lingual staff are capable of accurately transcribing video for your needs, whether you need subtitles for your new movies in multiple languages, or you need captions for your hearing impaired audience. You have come to the right place.

Did you know video transcripts will also help you with search engine optimization of your videos? Video SEO? get them found by your prospects, the same way they can search for information on search engines, you can now enable them to search the content of your videos.

If you are a government entity here is a reason why you may need video transcripts available for your online videos:

In November 2010, a federal court ruled that the federal government of Canada must make its websites accessible by relying on the updated (version 2.0) Web Content Accessibility Guidelines. These guidelines call for the captioning of online video content. The court has allowed the government 15 months to come into compliance.